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cut chemistry

Reilly Smith • Oct 26 2017

NOTICE: the latest release of the LBRY app version 17.1 is a critical update. Content availability for previous versions of the application will be low. It is vital that you update to continue watching content on the LBRY network reliably.

And now, your regularly scheduled LBRYcast.

We've been on a science and engineering kick lately, in case you couldn't tell. NurdRage. MinutePhysics. EEVblog. Lunduke.

Rounding out the top five science channels on LBRY is perhaps the most legendary Canadian chemist online...


@NileRed (also available on at is a regular Reddit front page sensation. Don't believe me? As /u/deeexz two years ago said, "My absolute favourite chemistry-related channel on YouTube." And now, NileRed has nearly a quarter of a million subscribers. So, we should all be thanking deeexz.

Get lit on chemistry via

Please support NileRed by tipping LBRY Credits in-app to your favorite chemical reactions. And also because tipping is a pretty, pretty, prettttty cool.

Download LBRY today. Is your favorite channel not on LBRY? Help us feature what you want to see! Email [email protected] to make it happen. Or sync your own channel at: /youtube

Photo of Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith · · ·

For nearly a decade, Reilly has developed, produced, championed and contributed to dozens of film projects big and small.

The only thing that rivals his love of film is the marriage between content and blockchain.

If you come from the world of film, television or web content, he's your sherpa on Mount Blockchain.

Reilly's work has been seen from Oxford, Mississippi to Sundance Film Festival, and he has produced content for Fox Digital Studios and Disney LOL.