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Join Team Content Freedom

LBRY is not currently hiring, but will be again soon. We recommend beginning as a contributor if you are interested in a technical position or just want to have a good time.

Changing the landscape of content distribution is no easy task. LBRY is growing rapidly, and we're always looking for great people to join us. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding pursuit, if you want to work with a team that shares your passion and curiosity, you've come to the right place.

About LBRY

Some things to know about working at LBRY:

  • We understand the importance of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • We judge you entirely by what you produce. We don't care how long you work, where you work, how you work or what credentials you have. We care about what you get done.
  • We are extremely transparent, organizationally flat, and open-minded. While you will have clearly delineated responsibilities, you are welcome and encouraged to contribute beyond those areas. We judge ideas and results, not ranks and titles.
  • We believe great results can only come from great people. If you're interested in working alongside people who are bright, creative, and diligent, this is the place.

Who We're Looking For

There's no one kind of LBRYian. We value people who can bring new perspectives to our team. Here are some traits that are important to us:

  • Ability to solve complex problems in simple ways. LBRY has many moving parts, but we try our hardest to power it with simple code. Your job is not just to solve problems, but to solve problems in a way that will last and can easily be picked up by other people.
  • Knack for user-experience and user-perspective. Even if you're designing the guts of our DHT, what you create ultimately has to work for real people. Our user base ranges from casual web surfers to crypto-nerd power users and you'll need an ability to understand how to create solutions that work for both.
  • Reliable and independent. We expect a lot out of you, but we won't keep tabs on you. You must thrive in that kind of environment.
  • No degree, credential, or age requirements. If you can do the work, we don't care how you got the skills.
  • Someone who appreciates that our CTO would create this document and then link it in a job posting.


Blockchain Engineer / paused / remote (global)

This position involves working directly on the LBRY blockchain, written in C++.

Competence with cryptography, security, and networks is mandatory. Experience with blockchain is beneficial but not required.

Blockchain work can be like being a goalkeeper: good work goes under-appreciated, but mistakes are catastrophic. It's helpful to have a mindset that succeeds in the face of these incentives.

Protocol Engineer / paused / remote (global)

The LBRY protocol consists of a set of APIs provided via a daemon. This daemon is comprised of several sub-components, and interacts with the blockchain, wallet, and other remote daemons that constitute the LBRY data network.

The LBRY daemon and wallet are both written in Python, but maybe you're the one to rewrite them in Go (we're kidding) (probably).

Competence with security, operating systems, and networks is mandatory. Experience with peer-to-peer technology is beneficial but not required.

API Engineer / paused / remote (global)

This job combines the coolest language with a slightly less cool objective for an overall attractiveness quotient of still pretty neat.

Specifically, being an API engineer at LBRY involves creating and modifying web-based API endpoints in Go. These endpoints are used for everything from analytics and user databasing to reward disbursement, notifications, and more.

This is the only closed source project at LBRY. Competence in creating sane, secure, and well-structured API signatures is required, as is a mind for security. Strong knowledge of SQL and data structures is also necessary. This work involves interactions with blockchain, but no direct work on the LBRY blockchain or protocol.

Hiring Process

Click "Apply" below any job listed above to begin the process. We use a 3-step hiring process:

  1. A brief (30 minute max), non-technical, introductory phone call with either the CEO, CTO, or appropriate lead.
  2. All technical hires are required to complete compensated code contribution on the repository they'd be working on. Non-technical hires will also be asked to complete a compensated trial task after they apply and complete step 1.

    Issues tagged "good first issue" are suitable for this purpose, though you are welcome to work on another issue or even something not filed at all.

    Project(s) Position Issues
    lbrycrd Blockchain Engineer good first issues
    Protocol Engineer good first issues
    Lead Application Engineer good first issues
    (not public) API engineer contact us / apply first

    The issue you choose does not necessarily need to be fully completed, and we don't expect a perfect first contribution. Open a pull request as soon as you'd like any feedback from one of our developers. We compensate at or above market rates for all accepted pull requests.

    For questions or problems with a particular issue, please comment directly on the GitHub issue. For setup or environment trouble, open a separate issue or email the contact listed in the project README. You can also join #dev in our chat to interact with other community members.

  3. A longer meeting with the team members you'd be working directly with, as well as the CEO and/or CTO.

Steps 1 and 2 may be completed in either order (i.e. you're welcome to try contributing before the introductory call).


Know someone who'd be a great fit? Tell them about us, send them a link to this page, or show up at their house unexpectedly with a box of candy and a persuasive pitch. If we hire them, we'll pay you $5,000. That's what we call a win-win.

Other Work

Interested in contributing but not ready for commitment? We have a guide for contributors to help you find other ways to get involved. If none of that suits your fancy, join our Discord chat and we'll help you find something you'll love.