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LBRY Isaac Gravitates to a Browser Near You

Samuel Bryan • Dec 20 2019

LBRY Isaac, New Search, New Rewards

Today, LBRY announces Isaac, a release of much gravity. Isaac brings an updated search service, new rewards, a mobile view for, and a ton of interface and performance improvements for and LBRY desktop.

Search improvements and new rewards are live for everyone, regardless of how you use LBRY. They are described in more detail below.

Isaac for Desktop improves decentralization through wallet server settings, enables YouTube partners to claim wallets, updates text and audio playback, and much more.


New Rewards

  • Creators now earn rewards for views and subscribers. This was announced yesterday and is covered in more detail here.
  • Rewards for YouTube publishers are now issued more frequently.
  • Additional tiers for some existing rewards for using LBRY, like views.


Search Improvements

  • Search document framework and query completely overhauled
  • Large bugs fixed for certain words, particularly short words
  • Additional weights added to prevent invalid and inaccurate results
  • Vastly improved channel search
  • Vastly improved title matches
  • Search engine codebase ported to Go (contribute here)
  • More search results show the winning LBRY URL at the top of results (help improve search by publishing!)

More about LBRY Isaac

  • Introduces beta mobile view for
  • Automatic text file rendering and improved text and HTML rendering. Ability to set your own wallet server in settings. More on this feature in the FAQ.
  • Dedicated Channel creation option from Channels page
  • Overall design improvements, especially for dark mode. Also includes channel thumbnails next to comments.
  • Adds language support for: Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Gujarati, Hindi, Malay, Marathi, Panjabi, and Swedish
  • Fixes bugs related to pagination and mature content.
  • Enables background launch to help boost network participation. This can be disabled in Settings.
  • Adds a search box to your Downloads area.
  • No longer warns about external links.
  • Updated to LBRY SDK 0.50.1 for improved stability, performance, and security.
  • A number of bug fixes, with the broadest ones being issues related to wallet unlocking and preference syncing.

For the full release notes, visit GitHub. Note that this news announcement includes changes that were also in 0.37.2 and 0.37.1, which were relatively substantial and not previously announced.

Extra Special High Gravity Release Bonus

The first 200 desktop users to upgrade can use the code below for a 50LBC reward - so hurry up and start upgrading!


Photo of Samuel Bryan
Samuel Bryan · · ·

Much of our writing is a collaboration between LBRY team members, so we use SamueL BRYan to share credit. Sam has become a friend... an imaginary friend... even though we're adults...