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Join The Revolt

Rob Smith • Jan 7 2019

In 2019, Say “No” To The Robber Barons Of The Internet

A lot of people want to look back at last year, and set short term goals for this year.

We’re going to do something different here.

Let’s look forward to the end of 2019. Two ends, two possibilities.

There is one timeline where things are like 2018, but worse. More user’s rights are violated, more restrictions on user freedom. The content you like is less available, more of your rights are stolen from you, and the people creating the very things you love are shut down or censored out of existence. Facebook, Google, and governments around the world stand to profit from keeping you on this path.

There is a better world, though. A world where on New Year’s Eve 2019 your rights aren’t being trampled in the name of next quarter’s profits. A world where the people who use the internet are in charge of the internet. A world where you choose to not “Like” a page, or where you own your data outright. You download the LBRY app, and other dapps, and tell your friends about them.

The powers that be do not want this to happen.

So a question…

How do you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019?

It requires that you make a choice today, right now.

You choose you. You choose your rights. You choose your favorite content.

This is a revolt, and people have already started. They are shutting off their Facebook account, or they are parking their Twitter permanently. They are using ProtonMail instead of Gmail. They are sharing content on

They are using LBRY.

Photo of Rob Smith
Rob Smith · · ·

Rob focuses on ensuring users get a top notch experience with LBRY, from the earliest brand engagement to running the app and follow up communications.

He believes in wielding design, technology, and art to deliver joyful experiences that connect people with the things they care most about. Rob's background is in game design, game publishing, software business development, and project management.

Rob has a Bachelors of Science from The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, and a Master of Business Administration from California State University, Stanislaus.