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LBRY In Your Pocket

Brinck Slattery • Sep 17 2018

We're extremely excited to announce the release of our Android app! We've moved the project into "open beta" status, which means that while there's still a lot of work to do, you can install the app on your device now and access the LBRY content network!

You can sign in with your existing LBRY connected email now (see Help>Connected email in the LBRY Desktop app) to start earning rewards on mobile, including an exclusive Android Beta reward! Currently, only your rewards status and emails will be synced (which means your wallet won't be!). We'll be introducing additional syncing features as the app and our system matures.

Android screenshots


Caution sign

TO BE CLEAR, this is not the finished product. There's still a significant wait before videos begin to play (15 to 20 seconds seems typical), and we're working on a number of features to unify the user experience between the desktop app and mobile app.

In a nutshell, here's what's in the app and what's missing:

We're working on it:

  • Publishing
  • Subscriptions
  • ShapeShift integration
  • History
  • Wallet Features
    • Wallet encryption
    • Wallet sync

In the app:

  • Everything else!

Ultimately, we want to offer a seamless transition between mobile and desktop, but right now, we're still figuring out some important features (like wallet sync) that will make that possible. Our sometimes-crazy commitment to decentralizing all the things can mean that we have to put in extra time on problems that centralized services deal with easily, but we're confident that you'll be happy with the end result.

In the meantime, please unleash hell on this app! We need it to be forged and honed in the hot fires of your criticism and bug reports. But don't be too mean - you don't want to make Akinwale sad, do you?

Picture of Akinwale

Use this link to download LBRY for Android, and let us know what you think!

Photo of Brinck Slattery
Brinck Slattery · · ·

Brinck’s range of experience includes national political campaigns, crisis PR, SEO writing and optimization, digital marketing, RV sales, construction labor, and a variety of other strange and interesting pursuits (feel free to ask).

An inveterate music and media lover, Brinck remembers the pain of Kazaa and Limewire, and is seriously psyched about living in the future where it’s easy to compensate artists directly for their work.

He lives in Manchester, NH and can be regularly found lurking wherever the latest music is blaring.