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Reilly Smith • May 11 2017

Freedom might not be free. But the works of freedom fighter Adam Kokesh definitely are.

Courtesy of the first amendment, LBRY brings you freedom of speech with a side of kick-ass.

Adam Kokesh

US military veteran-turned-liberty activist, there have been fewer more attractive lighting rods in the freedom movement than Mr. Kokesh. From dancing at the Jefferson Memorial to cocking a shotgun 36 inches left of where he was so supposed to be standing, to off-the-grid living, no one pushes the boundaries in the name of liberty quite like this.

The chronicles of Kokesh are now documented, boldly and uncensored at:


Have a message to share? Follow Adam's lead and sync your YouTube channel with the LBRY sync API: /youtube

Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Feel like breaking the chains of YouTube? Email [email protected] to experience what liberty is really about.

Photo of Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith · · ·

For nearly a decade, Reilly has developed, produced, championed and contributed to dozens of film projects big and small.

The only thing that rivals his love of film is the marriage between content and blockchain.

If you come from the world of film, television or web content, he's your sherpa on Mount Blockchain.

Reilly's work has been seen from Oxford, Mississippi to Sundance Film Festival, and he has produced content for Fox Digital Studios and Disney LOL.