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LBRY Enters Its Mid-30s

Brinck Slattery • May 16 2019

LBRY v0.32 is a feast for the eyes with all new creator pages, suggested subscriptions, and lots of work under the hood to lay the foundation for an all new discovery process.


In a nutshell, this upgrade brings you:

  • A few new styles throughout the app - rounded edges are back! Also includes side bar tweaks.
  • Randomized suggested subscriptions
  • Initial channel page implementation. Updates can only be made via the CLI currently: (wallets across multiple PCs will need to be re-synced)
  • Upgraded SDK to support new metadata. It's being captured on upload but not displayed yet.
  • SDK now supports viewing content without saving files or blobs, this release still has both enabled. We'll add options in future releases.

For all the details, you can take a look at the release notes Upgrade now in-app or download the newest version of LBRY to chedk it out today!

We need you to build the new, decentralized internet - if you have any questions about this release or anything else, ask us on Discord or Twitter.

Photo of Brinck Slattery
Brinck Slattery · · ·

Brinck’s range of experience includes national political campaigns, crisis PR, SEO writing and optimization, digital marketing, RV sales, construction labor, and a variety of other strange and interesting pursuits (feel free to ask).

An inveterate music and media lover, Brinck remembers the pain of Kazaa and Limewire, and is seriously psyched about living in the future where it’s easy to compensate artists directly for their work.

He lives in Manchester, NH and can be regularly found lurking wherever the latest music is blaring.