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How do view and follower counts work?

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Some LBRY applications and provide view and follower counts, like LBRY Desktop app.



How these numbers work is more complicated than it might appear. As a decentralized protocol, there is no single node or computer that can observe all user activity on the LBRY network.

Instead, view and subscriber counts are currently provided by LBRY, Inc., not the protocol itself. We aggregate data from users that participate in our rewards program and/or opt-in to sharing analytics data to provide these counts.

Currently, users who opt-out of analytics (more on how to use LBRY anonymously here) are not counted in view or subscriber figures.

In the future, LBRY will look to improve the accuracy of this feature as well as by adding it to the protocol itself (for example, by allowing wallet servers to share aggregated statistics and allowing subscriptions to occur via a special transaction).

LBC value of content

You'll notice an LBC value in the bottom right corner of the video info. This value includes the original bid amount for the URL, tips, and boosts. Content owners can see how much belongs to them via the LBC details section by clicking the unlock button. unlock-tips

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