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What are creator view rewards? What do creators earn for views?

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We want creators to create quality content that other LBRY users will enjoy and to be able to earn at a comparable or greater amount to alternatives.

If you publish quality original content, you may be eligible to receive additional rewards for views from validated accounts on behalf of us. These tips are separate from tips your followers may issue independently and ineligibility does not mean the content is demonetized.

We are slowly moving towards a reward system that's outlined in our monetization blog post.

How creator view rewards work

LBRY tracks views from users and other clients. When a user views your content that is reward-verified, we will automatically send an LBC tip for each of their daily first seven views. The view reward amount will vary and may change per LBRY Inc.'s discretion similar to other rewards based on homepage placements, type and quality of content, and to ensure that not one creator is earning a much higher percentage than others.

Creators will see these on their wallet page as Tips (filter on Received + Tips) and they will be summed up monthly on the Rewards page under Content View Tips: Month Year. You may unlock the tips to have the show in your balance, but while locked, they help your content be discovered.

Requirements and disqualifications

Not all accounts are eligible for tips.

Existing YouTube synced channels with over 500 subscribers and other established creators on LBRY are automatically opted in. View rewards may vary based on type of content, quality, if homepage placements are used, and to prevent larger channels from getting a majority of LBC rewarded. Please see our monetization goals blog post for more details.

In order for your account to qualify for view rewards, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The majority of the content must be original content in video or audio form (we will expand to other formats later).
  • The content and channel must be properly tagged.
  • The account must be at least a week old.

Typical disqualifications include:

  • Spamming LBRY comments with your channel/content.
  • Participation in follow-for-follow/view-for-view activity on LBRY and other public/private chats.
  • Non-original, spam, manipulative, abusive, or other quality issues with your content.
  • Majority of content is non video/audio.
  • Majority of content is derivative works on top of other public/copyright-free/creative commons content.
  • Majority of content is related to airdrops/free money.

LBRY Inc. reserves the right to disable or lessen view rewards on any account, similar to other rewards.

I'm eligible but not receiving tips, what can I do?

We will monitor for new channels to opt in automatically, but most likely you will need to reach out to us if you quality. Please read the requirements carefully before contacting us. To reach out, send us an email and tell us more about your channel and content. This will later be made clearer in the app and automated via an opt in process.

I'm in need of some assistance, can you help?

Of course, we are always here to help! Check out our help page on how to reach us.

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