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How do I use the Twitter tipbot?

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LBRY Twitter tipbot information

Tips, in LBRY Credits (LBC), are an integral part of our community because they allow us to reward members for their contributions - whether that's for sharing something insightful, providing feedback, testing our various apps or helping promote LBRY's vision and technology. You can earn them, share, or transfer them via simple Tweets which include tagging the tipbot Twitter account + command. Check out this thread as an example.

tom tweet

It is important to note that the LBC stored as a result of a tip is tied to your Twitter account username and are stored on LBRY's wallet server. It is your responsibility to withdraw the tips to your LBRY App/ or a standalone wallet. If you plan on storing LBC on Twitter, it is a good idea to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. LBRY takes no responsibility for lost funds due to negligence.

Use the following commands to make amazing things happen. You may need to first follow the @LBC_TipBot account. We recommend creating a new Tweet and starting out with tagging the @LBC_TipBot, followed by the desired command. If the tipbot account is already tagged in a thread, only command is required. Note: Make sure you keep your commands on one line. If they are on multiple lines, the command will not work.

Please note:

  • Your balance may take a few minutes to update.
  • If the tipbot is not replying, try following it first.

Available commands


This displays a list of tip commands and how to use them.



Displays the balance of your Twitter LBRY wallet.



Displays your Twitter LBRY wallet address. Useful if you want to receive LBC directly to your wallet.



Want to tip someone? This will send a tip to a chosen username.

  • Arguments: @LBC_TipBot tip <username> <amount>
  • Tweet Example:: @LBC_TipBot tip @kristianto18 1000



Use this to withdraw your balance from your LBRY Twitter wallet to another LBRY wallet such as the wallet in your LBRY app, or to an LBRY exchange wallet.

  • Arguments: @LBC_TipBot withdraw <address> amount
  • Tweet Example: @LBC_TipBot withdraw bP8P5Dr9d3XcH5ibSsjeDYFU8vMWR8HHe3 5



Displays the terms and conditions


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