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LBRY Chain Parameters

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These parameters are often needed to integrate LBRY into wallets or exchanges.

Only trust the source

The source code is the only true definition of the chain parameters. They are reproduced here for convenience only. If there's any discrepancy, the source is correct.


Name Value
Genesis Block Hash 9c89283ba0f3227f6c03b70216b9f665f0118d5e0fa729cedf4fb34d6a34f463
Target Block Time 150 seconds
Default Port 9246
Pubkey Address Prefix 0x55 (starts with b)
Script Address Prefix 0x7a (starts with r)
Secret Key Prefix 0x1c
Witness Pubkey Prefix 0x06 (starts with p2)
Witness Script Prefix 0x0a (starts with 7Xh)
BIP32 Extended Pubkey Prefix 0x0488b21e (starts with xpub)
BIP32 Extended Secret Prefix 0x0488ade4 (starts with xprv)
BIP173 Bech32 Human-Readable Part lbc
BIP44 Coin Type 0x8c
Network Magic Bytes 0xfae4aaf1
COIN (how many deweys in 1 LBC) 100000000

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