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How does LBRY work with exchanges?

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What is LBRY’s policy and approach in working with cryptocurrency exchanges?

LBRY supports all blockchain tokens, including its own, being as maximally available with minimum transaction costs, both in terms of fees and human time.

We are happy to work with any entity that wants to make LBC available to its users or customers, whether that is in exchange for other blockchain assets, state currencies, or well… anything really.

LBRY engages in outreach and communications with exchanges, whether we are available on the platform or not. We also provide technical and operational assistance in making LBC available and supporting its continued usage.

To date, LBRY has not paid to be listed, but will consider paying fees to cover additional costs for quality exchanges and/or to reach markets where LBC is not available.

Why isn’t LBRY available on X?

The answer depends on the value of X, but the answer is almost always: we don’t know.

Most exchanges do not provide public or private insight into why and how they make the decisions that they do. If X is a well-known place, we’ve probably contacted them but not disclosed their reasoning. If you think X is a place we might not have heard of, you can let us know about it on Twitter, via email, or in chat.

Additionally, if X is a well-known place, let them know you want us available there. User demand is necessary for them to add a token/coin for exchange. And if you tag us both on Twitter, maybe someone will leave you a tip…

Does LBRY have plans to end or ease the exchange pain?

Yes. Working with exchanges is a pain for typical and actual users of the LBRY platform. We would happily provide onramps and offramps to many currencies, but it is a massive regulatory challenge.

We are working to find and provide alternatives for those who do not like the current situation with exchanges, especially for creators.

I have a complaint and/or compliment about a specific statistic about the market for LBC.

We’re sorry you feel that way and/or thank you.

We do not control the markets. We do not interfere with the markets. We do not dump and we do not pump.

Don’t allocate very much credit to us when the price of LBC goes up and don’t allocate too much blame to us when it goes down.

Software changes in a gradual way. Massive market fluctuations or moves are rarely the results of direct actions we take. We continue to hold the philosophy that focusing on building, both in tech and usage, is the only trend that matters in the long term.

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