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DMCA takedown requests

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Please see our Content FAQ for an explanation of how the LBRY network handles content and how to report infringing material. Note: Other content which violates our Terms of Service or content policy may fall under this label at this time.

What is a DMCA request or takedown notice?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is United States Copyright Law written to protect digital content against illegal use. When an owner finds their content used on the Internet without their permission, they can file a DMCA request with the website, app, or Internet Service Provider illegally hosting their content, asking for it to be removed.

Someone uploaded my content to LBRY without permission. How do I report it?

Reporting infringing/illegal content on LBRY is easy. You can file a report here or within the LBRY apps /

Open the LBRY and navigate to the content you wish to report. Underneath the content, there are two buttons: "Download," and "Report." When you click on the Report button, you will be redirected to a web form to report the content to LBRY, Inc., who can remove the content link from LBRY.

How does LBRY handle and respond to a DMCA request or takedown notice?

Upon receipt of a DMCA request from the content owner or legal representative, LBRY Inc. will try its best to validate the legitimacy of the request and notify the alleged infringing party about it if there's a potential for dispute. Once validated, we will block access to content in any LBRY Inc. owned applications upon receipt of a DMCA takedown notice. The opposite party can file a DMCA counter notice if they believe they have a right to publish the content. If you have questions about the DMCA process, you can find more information here.

LBRY Inc. will also remove any data related to the infringing content from servers within its control. LBRY will also abide by the red flag rule.

Due to the immutable nature of the LBRY blockchain, a record and metadata of the infringing content may continue to exist on network hosts if the original publisher does not remove it. The data may still exist on the original publisher's computer (and anyone who may have downloaded it prior to it being blocked) but will not be accessible through any LBRY Inc. controlled applications.

Where are DMCA requests recorded?

You can view all of the DMCA requests LBRY receives on our DMCA GitHub Repository, categorized by year and dated by filename. Red flag DMCAs are currently not recorded.

Can I dispute a DMCA complaint?

Yes, you may. We can't give you legal advice, so check with your local attorney or legal group about how to do this. There are also good resources online to learn about DMCA counter-notices. The EFF has published an excellent guide about how to deal with legal issues facing online content creators. If you have done the research or feel the content was blocked mistakenly, please reach out to us.

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