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How does LBRY handle COPPA and child-directed content?

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Some video publishing platforms, like YouTube, require you to explicitly designate your content as for children, with the threat of fines and/or legal sanction if you do so improperly. This article covers how LBRY covers these things.

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Are creators legally or otherwise required to designate content as for children on LBRY?

No. While you have the option of tagging your content as for children or child-friendly, there is no specific requirement to do so. Whether you tag your content or not, you will not face sanction from us or the United States government if you do not designate your content properly in this regard.

Note that tagging your content improperly can result in it being negatively weighted or filtered, especially failing to tag mature content.

Why do creators have to do this on YouTube, but not LBRY?

YouTube’s parent organization, Google, tracks the activity of users across the internet, regardless of their age. Because Google serves targeted advertisements to these users, this triggers a legal requirement to attempt to prevent doing so to children. Google chooses to satisfy this requirement by putting the onus on the creators themselves.

In the case of LBRY, all users must affirm they are of the valid legal age to create a account. Users without accounts are not tracked and targeted. Additionally, LBRY does not perform the targeted advertising that Google does.

I am a YouTube creator concerned about COPPA changes. How can I get on to LBRY?

LBRY has a YouTube partner program that offers rewards, syncs your content, and takes just a few clicks to enroll. Learn more here.

How can a creator tag content as child-friendly?

We recommend using the tags “child friendly” and/or “family-friendly” when publishing. Read more about how to publish.

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