Add Support for BitTorrent

daemon 751,830.0 LBC

Add support for the BitTorrent protocol to lbrynet and lbryschema.

The LBRY blockchain supports storing metadata that can be resolved by a human friendly URI. This metadata is defined by a flexible protobuf based schema, lbryschema.

A simple example looks like:

  "version": "_0_0_1",
  "claimType": "streamType",
  "stream": {
    "source": {
      "source": "d5169241150022f996fa7cd6a9a1c421937276a3275eb912790bd07ba7aec1fac5fd45431d226b8fb402691e79aeb24b",
      "version": "_0_0_1",
      "contentType": "video/mp4",
      "sourceType": "lbry_sd_hash"
    "version": "_0_0_1",
    "metadata": {
      "license": "LBRY inc",
      "description": "What is LBRY? An introduction with Alex Tabarrok",
      "language": "en",
      "author": "Samuel Bryan",
      "title": "What is LBRY?",
      "version": "_0_1_0",
      "nsfw": false,
      "licenseUrl": "",
      "preview": "",
      "thumbnail": ""

The source field is designed to be extended and support resolution to multiple protocols. To complete this, lbryschema and lbrynet must be modified to:

  • Support the BitTorrent protocol via python-libtorrent or similar.
  • Support the sourceType of btih in source.proto in lbryschema
  • Add a BitTorrent downloader and factory for use in EncryptedFileManager, to be used as an alternative to ManagedEncryptedFileDownloader
  • Use all of this to resolve a BTIH from a claim and download data via BitTorrent when requested
  • Probably a lot more stuff!

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